1998 GT Outpost

July 6th 2014

I found this GT Outpost in Dover Heights. Originally from Gilbert’s Cyclery, of Bronte, it had been used for a while, but was now sitting in the back of a garage, gathering dust of the wrong kind.

1998 GT Outpost


This is a lovely old steel-framed retro GT from the late 90s, and all it needs is a few new parts, lots of cleaning, and a little TLC. Here it is after a hose-down:

1998 GT Outpost 02 after

Once the saddle bag, lock mount, reflectors and bell (bell???) had been removed it was given a thorough wash and degreasing. The paint has a few areas of rust, but nothing serious. The semi-slick tryes seem fine, the wheels are true, the saddle and seat post are pretty good, as are the brakes. The bar and stem are probably beyond salvation, and the front mech is borderline. Here it is as I found it.

1998 Gt Outpost 01 before


After lots of elbow grease and some new and refurbished parts, this old bike has been happily re-homed by James, from Sydney. Nice one James!


2 thoughts on “1998 GT Outpost

    • Hey mate,

      Thanks, glad you like the bike. The satin back is a good colour.

      I think these tyres are 1.95 inch. They’re a semi-slick so tend to look a little narrower than a full on knobbly tyre.

      Ride safe!


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