1997 Gary Fisher Marlin

April 19th 2014

This matte fern green Gary Fisher Marlin was discovered on its side … in a cold garage … under a pile of kiddie bikes … with an old mattress thrown up against it.

1997 Gary Fisher Marlin 02

The previous owner had spent years commuting on it. During that time, I suspect the only water it had seen was from the puddles he had ridden it through. Commuting days over, it had suffered the indignity of being locked in a garage and forgotten about.

1997 Gary Fisher Marlin 01

Once home, I spent a good hour removing grime, reflectors, cycle computer cables, light brackets, racks, endless strips of sellotape, and all the other crap that some people insist on adding to a bike. This revealed the paint underneath – which is a actually a stunning colour. Having introduced it to some very hot soapy water the paint was revealed to be in better-than-expected condition. It was then gently rubbed down with 0000 grade steel wool drenched in WD40, which removed the various scruffs, marks and other blemishes. It was then washed again (to remove the WD40).

1997 Gary Fisher Marlin 03

After a few new components, a pair of IRC redwall knobblies, and lots of polishing and TLC, the Marlin is finally ready for a new home.

Here it is as I found it. I know … hard to believe it’s the same bike, right?

1997 Gary Fisher Marlin before



13 thoughts on “1997 Gary Fisher Marlin

    • Hey Bob,

      Apologies for the delay – I haven’t been as active here as I was.

      You’ll find very good quality reproduction decals at retrodecals on Facebook.

      It’s run by a guy called Gil. Let him know the year and model of your bike and he’ll send a low res pdf for you to approve before he prints off the high res versions.

      I’ve used Gil before (check out my 1996 Gary Fisher Paragon) and the quality of his decals is very good.

      Good luck with your restoration.


      • Thanks for the info.,…I am a college prof and I tend to stay away from social media for obvious reasons..(at least for now..)…..I love riding…have been for many,many years……I still have my ’76 Raleigh Pro MkIV,,it is still like new…only problem is that street ring here is like a suicide mission….!!…we have bike lanes and cars park in them and the police do nothing about it..not like it is in Europe and places………….Watching the TDF right now..I’m off today….Again, thanks ever so much for your help…take care and have a great day…


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  2. Bike Restoration Master,

    What is a Fisher Marlin worth, before restoration and then after?
    Would you say, that color is army green?
    Was 1997 the only year of that model Marlin, or did it come out sooner? Say 1993-1995…..

    Thanks and keep up the great work,



    • Hey Kurt,

      Apologies for the late reply – I’ve been neglecting my blog recently.

      I have no idea what a Marlin would be worth. It wasn’t a top-of-the-range bike so is only worth as much as someone is prepared to pay for it.

      The green is called ‘matte fern green’. I has a rough texture similar to velvet. It’s also very soft and marks easily.

      Also, the Marlin name is a regular in the Fisher range. I think they first appeared around ’94/’95.

      Ride safe!


      • My ’97 is black, tough as nails and rides like a tank…but I enjoy it and it is easy to maintain. I keep it indoors for storage and keep it clean and check for wear etc. Not much by todays standards ( now 19 yrs old) but it still keeps up with everybody else. It may not be worth $100 today, but I’m not paying $1,000+ for a new one..!


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