1993 Diamond Back Axis Pro

April 12th 2014

The old high-end Diamond Backs from the early 90s always looked interesting. But I never owned one, until this morning.

1993 Diamond Back Axis Pro 00

I went to an 8.00am (8.00am … on a Sunday!!!) yard sale in Richmond with a mate. He was looking for old, classic, and vintage BMX frames. The guy holding the sale had posted a few photos of the bikes on offer, and in the background of one photo I could see a retro Diamond Back. I thought it might be a ’92 or ’93 Response Comp, or even an Axis Pro. And cor-blimey, it was!

1992 Diamond Back Axis Pro 01

When we arrived it was at the bottom of a sloping lawn, up to it’s spokes in muddy water. Typically for a bike of this age it has the usual mix of replaced parts – cranks, stem, spongy saddle, seatpost, tyres, shifters (and maybe the handlebar) are all later additions.

1992 Diamond Back Axis Pro 07

But most of the Shimano XTR drivetrain is there – front and rear mechs, front and rear hubs, headset, brake cantis, and the cassette. The rims are original but I think the Marzocchi XC fork might be a later addition. By the way, if you wonder about the quality of old Marzocchi forks, this one is still active and plush after years of neglect.

1992 Diamond Back Axis Pro 02

Sadly, it’s too small for me, so wasn’t worth the effort required to bring it back to its original condition. It’s since been rehomed by Mark, a collector from Melbourne, who took it in as a rusteration project. Good choice Mark!


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