1996 Gary Fisher Paragon

September 1st 2013

I bought this ’96 Paragon in Dee Why, from the original owner. He had once lived in San Francisco and bought the bike new from Start To Finish in San Rafael, Marin County. This bike has been up and down Mt Tamalpais.

1996 Gary Fisher Paragon before

Commuting tyres aside, the components are all original. Although the fork was seized solid, the paint was down to the metal in places, and ‘flowering’ (a posh term for patina) was all over some of the aluminium components.

1996 Gary Fisher Paragon v2




The first thing to do was take it to pieces and see what could be salvaged and what couldn’t. A long hunt around Ebay eventually found a new handlebar, a new seatpost, new grips, new brake levers, new saddle, new fork lowers and, to my surprise, a pair of new old stock Tioga Psycho amberwall tyres.

Gil at Retrodecals made the new decals (thanks Gil). They’re lighter than the old originals but I prefer the new ‘light gold’ to the original ‘antique brass’ colour. I think it looks better against the blue. The frame was stripped, prepared and re-sprayed a stunning custom blue by the insanely talented Peter, at Star Enamellers in Bankstown. If you’re in the Sydney area and need a re-spray, I can recommend Peter. He’s a craftsman and I’ll definitely be using him again.



Here’s the finished frame after getting it home.

GF Paragon - after 02

I’ll post more details and photos as the build continues.


2 thoughts on “1996 Gary Fisher Paragon

    • Hey Seb,

      Ah, your Paragon is a sweet ride.

      I had this frame stripped and resprayed. I couldn’t find the exact colour used by Fisher, so the guy who re-sprayed it custom-made a new blue to match the original. It’s not identical, it’s a shade lighter, but I like it.

      The original Gary Fisher colour is called ‘Ballistic Blue’. And I have no idea where you’d find it.

      For small stone chips and scratches, the small paints they sell in auto stores would be a quicker and cheaper solution.

      Ride safe!


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