1994 GT Avalanche AL

July 12th 2014

I do like the old ball-burnished aluminium GTs from the 90s. This 1994 Avalanche AL popped up for auction on Ebay, described simply as ‘Mountain bike’.

1994 GT Avalanche AL 01

The bidding started at $50, with a Buy It Now price of $100. I’d seen a much smaller sized Avalanche sell a few months earlier for much more – and this one is my size – so I snapped it up. The seller was a retired guy by the name of Mark, who lived a couple of hours up the coast. The bike had originally belonged to his neighbour, who had upgraded to full suspension. So the Avalanche sat unloved in his garage for a few years, until he gave it to Mark. It then sat unloved in his garage for a few years. Below is the photo from Mark’s ad.

1994 GT Avalanche AL

There was no saddle or seat post, the grips had gone and the right hand shifter is knackered. Other than that, this bike is all here – including the original Deore XT/LX drivetrain. It just needs a bloody good wash, a good polish, new decals, new GT grips (or maybe some Onza Porcipaws), and a new old stock pair of Onza Honch and Aggro tyres, which I already had.


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