1991 GT Timberline

March 22nd 2014

I noticed this ’91 GT Timberline on Ebay one afternoon. Before leaving work that evening, I placed a bid and arrived home to find I’d won it. It had been bought new by a middle-aged lady, who intended to use it as a keep fit bike.

1991 GT Timberline 01

She soon lost interest and relegated it to the garage, where it sat for the next 20+ years. Only when she was moved into a care home and her son cleared the house did it emerge into the sunlight again.

1991 GT Timberline 02

1991 GT Timberline 06

1991 GT Timberline 05

It’s all original, and it had survived remarkably well. It needed a new old stock components, and the original Cheng Shin tyres fell apart when removed, but it cleaned up really nicely after just a quick wash. The old wheels, drivetrain and brakes look almost new.

I realise it’s no Zaskar or Xizang, but it’s a cute little GT and I’m happy to give it a new lease of life.

Here it is mid-restoration, the frame having been cleaned and polished, and a pair of orange Michelin Wildgrippers thrown on.

1992 GT Timberline 03


4 thoughts on “1991 GT Timberline

    • Hey Sam,

      Yeah, it’s a sweet ride. It’s now living with its new owner in Melbourne.

      I honestly can’t remember what size headset this bike used. The oversize headsets (1 1/8 inch) were coming out around this time. If I were to guess I’d say 1 inch.

      Ride safe!


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