1997 Marin Muirwoods

May 11th 2014

When found, this ’97 Muirwoods had been chained to a bicycle rack at the bottom of a stairwell in Annandale for over a year. Unwashed and unloved, it was in a bit of a mess.


The immediate signs of neglect were the airless commuter tyres, the ripped sponge-like saddle, and the hideous road bike bar tape masquerading as handlebar grips. someone had cruelly attached a pair of Giant branded bar ends (on a Marin!!!). A closer inspection revealed a plethora of cycle computers, reflectors, light brackets, a cadence computer, two lock brackets, and endless electronic wires and cables taped to the frame.


After a good wash, it was stripped down and the frame and components thoroughly cleaned. Some of the rusty and corroded components were able to be saved but, sadly, others were just too far gone.

1997 Marin Muirwoods 02

After finding a used Selle Italia Turbo saddle, I eventually found a pair of original fitment Wilderness Trail Bikes Velociraptor tyres (not amberwall, sadly).

1997 Marin Muirwoods

This retro Muirwoods has since been adopted by Nur, from Canberra. If you can give a new lease of life to a lovely old mountain bike, please get in touch.


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