1990 Scott Pro Racing

March 9th 2014

I picked up this beautiful old mountain bike early this morning. It’s a Scott Pro Racing, from 1990. Back then it was the top of the Scott range. The previous owner, Jacob, had bought it used and knew very little about it, other than it had spent years living outside.


When it clicked that I knew a bit about old mountain bikes, he pulled it away from me, and asked ‘is valuable???’ in his rather heavy Czech accent. I assured him it wasn’t.


The stem and bar are extremely corroded, and every spoke is beyond salvage. The Scott saddle (dated Jan ’89) is pretty scruffy, but usable, and the slick tyres have been replaced with a pair of new old stock amberwall Ritchey Duro.


But the Deore XT drivetrain looks to be in good shape – the cranks especially. Even the LX pedals are remarkably free spinning. The rims and hubs aren’t too bad either, so it should all come up nicely with a bit of elbow grease.


As for the paint … I’ve cleaned and revived the green as much as I can, but those salmon pink decals were once orange. I had thought about getting it resprayed. But I think I’ll probably leave it as it is – scars and all. This lovely old bike is a keeper, for sure.


2 thoughts on “1990 Scott Pro Racing

  1. Shazam! I have this same MTB, which I’ve named Froggy. I bought it for around $2K in early 1991 (run out model) to replace my Shogun Prairie Breaker Pro (which was stolen). I have been thinking about saying au revoir to Le Frog due to space restrictions at home – but this blog has stirred up a lot of sentiment. Thanks so much for a great site. Are you thinking of opening a museum?

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    • Definitely keep the Scott, restored or not it’s still capable of putting a smile on your face. I wasn’t thinking of opening a museum, but that’s sort of what I’ve ended up with. Ride safe!


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