1990 Specialized RockHopper Comp

August 7th 2014

This lovely old 1990 RockHopper is pretty much as it left the shop (I think it’s Norris Blue, but can’t be 100% sure). Spotted on Gumtree late one evening, I contacted the seller, Josh, early the next morning with the offer of a good home. Josh lives not far from where I work, so kindly dropped it off at lunchtime.

1990 Specialized Rock Hopper Comp 01 copy

It had been hanging in his shed for over 10 years and his Mrs was giving him grief about the number of bikes he had (he’s a bit of a Klein fan apparently) and the old RockHopper was one of the bikes he had chosen to let go. My gain!

.1990 Specialized Rock Hopper Comp 08

It had been bought new by his father, and Josh had adopted it a few years later. He seemed genuinely sad to let it go, but was happy it was going to a good home.

1990 Specialized Rock Hopper Comp 04

I haven’t tackled the paintwork yet, but just giving this bike a wash transformed the look of it.

1990 Specialized Rock Hopper Comp 02

Since getting it home I’ve managed to find a pair of original fitment Specialized Crossroads amberwall tyres, found an original saddle, and found a new old stock pair of grips. The wheels have also been swapped for a pair with black hubs and rims – as seen in the 1990 catalogue. And the bar ends have been removed (but haven’t been thrown away).

1990 Specialized Rock Hopper Comp 03

Other than that, various components, bolts and cables have been polished, revived or replaced. I really like the look of this old bike. You’ll see what I mean when it’s finished and I post a photo.


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