1995 Gary Fisher Paragon

August 17th 2014

Another garage rescue, this lovely old Paragon (with a Huffy branded saddle) was advertised for sale as ‘Huffy Gary Fisher model’. Go figure. The shop sticker on the down tube is from Wheel World in Seattle.


I bought it from Carl, who had taken possession of it from his dad, who had bought it used. Carl had moved on to motorcycles, and the Fisher had been overlooked for some time.


Like most bikes of this age, it has chips and scratches, the occasional gouge, and quite a few mis-matched parts. One of these is the seat post, which is way too small for the frame (small enough for the clamp to bend the metal around the seat collar when tightened). The right hand Gripshift has been replaced with a trigger shifter, and that RockShox Quadra 21 fork feels like it’s seized (but I won’t know for sure until I open it up).

1995 Gary Fisher Paragon 03

Looking past the faults, the Deore XT/LX drivetrain is all there. The wheels are in good shape – the Bontrager rims spin true, and the LX hub bearings are remarkably smooth. The old bottom bracket seems OK, and even the headset turns freely. Even the paint comes up OK with a little patience and know-how.

This bike is far from finished (in fact, I haven’t even started it yet) but here it is with the correct size seat post and the correct Bontrager saddle.



2 thoughts on “1995 Gary Fisher Paragon

  1. just found one myself at a flea mkt going to be my first restore hopefully i can follow your progress and maybe pick your brain a bit


    • Hi Lou,

      Good find! These frames are lovely and light.

      Sadly, I haven’t done much with this bike since I found it (other bikes have taken priority). Also, my fork is seized solid and replacements with 1 1/4 inch steerers are hard to find.

      I’ll update as it happens … but I reckon I might be following your progress.

      Have fun with it!


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