1990 Cannondale SM1000

October 25th 2014

I remember being in a central London bike shop some time around 1996/97. I was queueing (check that out, five vowels in a row) to pay for a silver ControlTech seat post. The guy in front of me was a smug overpaid city-boy type – and a right arsehole. He was also a Cannondale owner, and was guffawing loudly and making disparaging comments about Marins. And that one turd put me off a brand for almost two decades.

Dale 01

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1990 Peugeot US Express

October 13th 2014

I don’t know much about Peugeot – they’ve never been on my bike radar – but the relaxed angles and lugged fork of this 1990(?) model caught my eye. It looked complete and too good an opportunity to pass up. Here’s the photo from the ad.


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