1990 Specialized RockHopper Comp – update

October 6th 2014

It was a 3-day weekend here in New South Wales, so I finally got around to tweaking the RockHopper.


Here’s how the bike looked in the 1990 Specialized catalogue.

1990 Specialized Rockhopper Comp

The black wheels had been added a month or so ago, when the original fitment new old stock Specialized Crossroads tyres arrived from the US. The new old stock Specialized saddle was found on ebay and is the vinyl version of the original fabric-covered seat. New Ritchey foam grips replaced the originals, which had seen better days. This weekend was the turn of the brakes. The bolts and spacers were left in CLR overnight, and the remaining rust was removed with a Dremel. I also got around to cleaning-up the frame and fork with a handful of 0000 grade steel wool and a squirt of WD40. The bike was then washed thoroughly and Meguairs Ultimate compound applied with a damp sponge, which is left to dry before being buffed to a shine. Once shiny, it’s sealed with Turtlewax. There’s still plenty to do, more updates to follow.


4 thoughts on “1990 Specialized RockHopper Comp – update

  1. I purchased one last year on Craigslist. For 30 dollars. Sitting in garage box all lube dried.
    Cleaning and reassembled noticed the quality difference. When I first test rode I had never rode such a solid bike. 1990 red comp. 20 inch rockhopper. Looks great.


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