1991 Diamond Back DB Apex

November 19th 2014

While browsing the For Sale ads I see a tiny postage stamp-size photo of ummmm … well, yeah … maybe … I guess it could be an old Diamond Back.

DB Apex 01

DB Apex 02
After an exchange of text messages with the seller, tonight I went round for a closer look. And sure enough – a 1991 Diamond Back DB Apex. It was being sold by a lovely elderly couple who were clearing out the garage, and this had belonged to their son who had long since moved away.

DB Apex 04

DB Apex 03
I got it home, ran a hose over it and (minus the neon bottle cage, electrical tape grips and side stand) it looks to be completely original – it has a full Deore DX groupset and it’s dripping with Avenir and Tioga parts. I think even the Wonder Dawg tyres are original.

DB Apex 05

DB Apex 06
It has a few marks and scuffs but overall it’s in really good nick. With a little time and elbow grease it should clean up to almost new condition.


6 thoughts on “1991 Diamond Back DB Apex

    • Hey Patrick,

      Apologies for the late reply – just seen your post.

      I’m always interested in an old Diamond Back, especially if you’re local. What frame size is yours? I sold this one because it’s too small for me but if yours is bigger …

      Ride safe!


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