1995 Gary Fisher Tassajara

December 4th 2014

Advertised as ‘Mountain bike’, this 1995 Tassajara was pretty easy to spot hiding among the junk-cluttered small ads. This is the photo from the ad, which described it as a Gerry Fisher (Gary’s brother, perhaps?).

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1992 Saracen Tufftrax Elite

November 27th 2014

The Ebay headline just read ‘Mountain bike’.

Clicking the ad revealed an early ’90s Saracen Tufftrax. You don’t see many of these in Aus. From the components, it looked to be from around ’91/92, and a quick shufty around a few Saracen catalogues identified it as a 1992 Tufftrax Elite. Here’s the photo from the ad:

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