1992 Saracen Tufftrax Elite

November 27th 2014

The Ebay headline just read ‘Mountain bike’.

Clicking the ad revealed an early ’90s Saracen Tufftrax. You don’t see many of these in Aus. From the components, it looked to be from around ’91/92, and a quick shufty around a few Saracen catalogues identified it as a 1992 Tufftrax Elite. Here’s the photo from the ad:


It had been bought new in the UK by a very well-spoken gent by the name of Mark (hey Mark!). He’d ridden it around Europe, and brought it with him when he moved to Sydney. Now due to move back to the UK, Mark had decided it was finally time for the pair to part company.

With the exception of the saddle, tyres, and bar ends, the components look to be original. It still has a full LX/DX drivetrain, Ritchey wheels, and original Tioga grips.

The bike was pretty grubby around the drivetrain and wheels, but nothing a couple of good washes and lots of elbow grease couldn’t fix. Running a fingernail down one of the spokes revealed it to be shiny underneath – a good sign! I reckon the powdercoat/metal beneath will be in OK condition too.

It needs a few new parts for sure – a seat post and stem are on the way, as is a new old stock Ritchey saddle. And it’s currently rolling around on a pair of redwall IRC Mythos tyres – which actually suit the grey really well. I might keep ’em on.

I’ll update as the rebuild progresses.


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