1995 Gary Fisher Tassajara

December 4th 2014

Advertised as ‘Mountain bike’, this 1995 Tassajara was pretty easy to spot hiding among the junk-cluttered small ads. This is the photo from the ad, which described it as a Gerry Fisher (Gary’s brother, perhaps?).

Tassajara 01

I was the first visitor to view the ad (each ad has a visitor counter) and after a quick chat with the seller I picked it up on my way home from work.

The seller was a very friendly lady called Dana, living on Sydney’s northern beaches. The family was moving back to the Czech Republic – and having a clear out. They’d bought the bike a year earlier, so were unable to tell me anything about its history.


The Tassajara wasn’t anywhere near the top of the 1995 Fisher range, but these old steel-framed bikes are lovely to ride and I’m happy to give it a new lease of life. It’s a decent size frame (my size) and the paint looks to be in good condition. A little restorer and polish should bring it back to life.

The tyres and saddle are later additions, but an easy fix. I have a pair of original fitment amberwall Tioga Psychos (a K and a TT) at home. The wheels aren’t a pair, but I have a pair of period-correct Mavics at home which will suit it nicely. I have a period-correct Gary Fisher saddle too. What are the chances? (Actually, this is my fourth Fisher, so the chances are quite good.) Other than that, all it needs is a really good wash or two.


The hexagonal Gary Fisher branded grips are well worn and I’m unlikely to find another pair, but Bontrager or Gripshift replacements are easy to come by.

So, a 19-year old pillar box red Fisher in my size: I’ll take it!


2 thoughts on “1995 Gary Fisher Tassajara

  1. I bought a Tassahara in 2008 when I first moved to Calgary Alberta in Canada, a large hilly city with many trails. I think it was a 1997 but it might have been an even earlier model (it was red). It was beat up and worn but I fell in love with Mountain biking riding that old horse. I’d never had a real mountain bike before, just department store crap. It was a medium and I required a L but I still enjoyed it. I’d love to find a large Tassahara and relive those days.


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