1990 Marin Eldridge Grade (Euro spec)

January 4th 2015

I was browsing the For Sale ads this afternoon and saw an ad with a photo of an old blue cruiser and the headline ‘Preloved pushies / mountin bikes / cruisers / bicycles’. You never know what’s lurking within these ads, so I clicked on it.

Eldridge 01

The ad says the bikes are $75 each, so I begin to click through the photos – there’s a cruiser, another cruiser, a road bike, another road bike, a Euro spec Marin Eldridge, another road bi … woah there!!!

I call the seller immediately, and an hour and a half later I’m picking up a neon green / neon yellow / black splatter paint 1990 Marin Eldridge Grade (I never thought I’d find one of these, I was almost peeing my pants).

Edlridge 02

Eldridge 03

The seller was a young guy called Chris, who has a garage full of old bikes he’s making road-worthy. (Yes, I did have a nosey around to see what else he had stashed away.)

Getting it home I gave it a hose down and a thorough wash. And it’s not too shabby. It needs work, for sure. There are small patches of rust, some discolouration, and the seatpost won’t move (groan!) but the original XT/LX drivetrain is all there, as are the original brakes and Wolber AT 18 wheels. As is common with old bikes, just the saddle and tyres are letting it down.

Eldridge 05

Sadly, it’s a size smaller than I’d like but it’s such a rare find I’m not too fussed about that. Maybe someone has an identical frame in a 19″ and is happy to swap the two over, who knows?

Eldridge 06

And what is Euro spec? Well, during the late 80s and early 90s, Marin bikes mostly had matte Grey Zolatone paintwork, each model having a different coloured neon fork, stem and handlebar (check out the 1990 Marin Pine Mountain here on my site). But in 1990 and 1991 Marin released some truly eye-catching neon splatter and neon fade colour schemes for the French and German markets (possibly other markets too). This beautiful old bike is one of them.


10 thoughts on “1990 Marin Eldridge Grade (Euro spec)

    • Hey Javier. The original Marin Rockstar tyres were 2.1, so your 2.0 should be OK. However, tyre technology and construction has changed since 1991 (tyres seem to be fatter these days) so there are no guarantees. Ride safe!


  1. Hello! The 26×2.0 tyres fitted pretty well. Thanks! Just to show you, I leave you a link of my Eldridge Grade. I bought it here in my country, Chile, for 100 USD (more or less, we use Chilean pesos). Of course I had to invest to leave it like you see it. I put a Selle Italia Trimatic on it because I wanted something with yellow, though sometimes I use a WTB SST.98 Saddle (btw, I bought both the Trimatic and the SST.98 (yeah, the original one) for 30 USD each here in Chile, they were NOS). However, I’m not pretty sure it’s a Eldridge Grade, since it’s supposed to come with the Deore LX group, and this one comes with LX400 group. It has a u-brake in the rear and cantilever on the front. It uses Shimano LX400 biopace chainrings instead of round ones, and the rims are Matrix. But using a serial number chart, I got to the conclusion it’s the Eldridge Grade. I’m currently using it for touring, it’s an awesome bike! Right now I’m using toeclips, though they weren’t installed yet at the time of the photo. It’s a facebook public photo, so you should be able to use it. By the way, I’m member of a community called Vintage Bikes Chile in facebook, check it out, there are lots of beautiful vintage MTBs, lots of members are English speakers.


    • I have a 90 Eldridge Grade (euro) and have been riding it since 1990. Several sets of tires and brake pads, two seats a cable here or there and the bars have been replaced. There was a ten year gap of no cycling, but it’s still running pretty strong.

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      • Just pulled the trigger on this on eBay.

        I Don’t know much about the colour scheme for 1990.

        The seller says it’s a rare euro spec model. I’ve seen your green, yellow and black splatter, but not black and white with pink decals.

        Any info would be greatly appreciated.

        What spec it came with when released?!

        Dimensions etc.


        Here’s the link to my Flickr album for pics.




  2. Tony…odd you mention the bb. I just had it repaired/replaced. No cartridge, just ball bearings. Left it and was told seven days…got home to a call, it was done. Rides smoooooth now.


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