1996 Marin Hawk Hill

January 5th 2015

I picked up this retro Marin Hawk Hill in Frenchs Forest one afternoon just after new year. Do you like purple? Well dooya?

1996 Marin Hawk Hill 01

It had been bought new in Melbourne by Anna and her husband, and he’d used it for commuting. He’d later handed it to his son, who had used it to ride to university. It had then sat in the garage for a many years, unloved and neglected.

1996 Marin Hawk Hill 02

Once it was scrubbed and the bar ends were pointing in the right direction I could see it’s actually in really good shape. In fact it looks ‘as sold’. It still has the original grips, pedals, saddle … even the original Marin Lite tyres, which are in excellent condition.

1996 Marin Hawk Hill 05

Anna’s husband also gave me the Marin frame bag he bought for it (not my taste, but a welcome addition).

1996 Marin Hawk Hill 04

It has a few little chips and scratches (it’s a mountain bike after all). The saddle is ripped at the back and it has a quite a few rusted bolts but I reckon a quick tinker, a few new bolts and some purple anodised skewers, and this little beauty will be ready for action (or a gentle pootle around the park).


Sadly, the spokes are rusted, so I might swap the original wheels for a pair of Mavic wheels from a 1996 Marin Bear Valley SE (consider it a worthy – if late – retro upgrade).

1996 Marin Hawk Hill 03


One thought on “1996 Marin Hawk Hill

  1. Hi, I have a Marin Hawk Hill 1995-ish from the UK, looks exactly like the one you have. Sadly the rear freehub has failed, and it seems to be a non-standard part as modern freehubs have a different thread diameter. If you have changed the wheels on your bike then can I buy the old back wheel to recycle the hub ? Or can I buy the whole bike ?


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