1990 Muddy Fox Pathfinder

February 19th 2015

I remember seeing Muddy Fox bikes around central London during the very late 80’s – you’d have to dodge them on pavements (they were very popular with cycle couriers).


By the time I got into mountain biking around 1995, the brand had almost disappeared. Warranty issues had pissed off enough dealers that the brand struggled to find sales outlets.

Fast-forward 20 years and this pops up on Gumtree one afternoon. It still has the original Muddy Fox front tyre, original Muddy Fox saddle, and original yellow cable outers, and full SunTour groupset. The only non-original part is the rear wheel and tyre.

It’s very neglected – the bottom bracket is very loose, the brakes are stiff at the lever, and the rear shifter is out of index.

The frame is in really good condition – not too many scratches etc – and should clean up lovely. The rest of the kit is so-so and just needs a proper clean and polish. The front wheel is original but every spoke is rusty. And the stem and bars could do with a respray (I’ve seen pics of these bikes with frame-coloured stems, so am unsure if this item is original to the bike).

Here’s how it looked when I found it (check out the multi-coloured paw prints along the top tube):

1991 Muddy Fox Pathfinder 02

1991 Muddy Fox Pathfinder 01

The good news is this bike is now enjoying a new lease of life with James – a Muddy Fox fan from Queensland – who bought it as a restoration project.


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