1989 Mongoose IBOC Comp

September 11th 2015

Mongoose is a brand I know very little about. The only mountain bike I’m aware of is the IBOC (International Bike Of Champions).

I’d always found this an inappropriate name as most of the IBOCs I’ve seen have been ugly pieces of shit from the mid-late 90s (probably built after Mongoose changed ownership). But this early skinny-tubed example … from when the brand was on top of the world (the John Tomac years) … well …

It appeared on Ebay one Sunday evening. I like the straight bladed fork, the wishbone rear end, and the ‘splattercast’ paintwork – and I’d just waved farewell to another bike, so I re-invested the cash I’d sold that for.

The Comp is the lowest spec IBOC (the Signature, Team, and Pro being the higher spec bikes). Wheels and saddle aside, it looks to be mostly original components – including the IBOC stem.


The plan is to restore it back to original spec (if I can find the spec). I’ve got a period correct Mongoose saddle and black seat post on the way.

This bike is now living with Josh on the NSW Central Coast.


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