1990 GT Karakoram

July 10th 2015

Browsing the web one evening I spot this 1990 GT Karakoram for sale in Brisbane. It has Purple Haze paint. It has the original fork, stem, and drivetrain. It has an asking price of ummm … well, never you mind.

1990 GT Karakoram 01

The seller, Calvin, obviously knows his stuff, knows what the bike is, and has priced it accordingly. I flick him a text and he’s cool to box it up if I arrange shipping. A few days later I’m collecting it from a courier depot in Sydney.

It looks to be pretty much original. The GT saddle has been replaced with a well-worn Selle Italia Turbo. The Ritchey tyres have been replaced with Kenda amberwalls (which have now been replaced with a pair of NOS Ritchey Megabite Z-MAZ).

It’s now wearing a pair of anodized Ritchey Vantage Sport rims (with LX M550 hubs) in place of the tired Arayas. I think I’ll keep them on.

The frame and fork have been rubbed down and polished – and there were a few areas of silver touch-up paint that needed removing.

New AME waffle grips have also been fitted, and I managed to find a very good condition GT saddle.

I’ll post some photos when it’s fully restored.





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