1990 Raleigh Montage

October 24th 2015

The last time I rode a Raleigh it had Grifter written on it.

Montage after

I saw this lovely old Montage advertised for sale one Friday evening before leaving work. It was pretty cheap, so I contacted the seller, Gabriel, who agreed to hold it for me until I collected it from Marrickville on the Saturday.

Saddle and tyres aside it looks to be completely original – full Suntour XCT groupset, original Reynolds 501 handlebar, Alesa rims, and Tioga Avenger headset.

I spent an hour or so giving it a tweak and a wash and it’s come up pretty well. I’ll get around to reviving the paintwork, and replacing the saddle, stem and tyres over the next couple of weeks.

This is the photo from the For Sale ad:

Montage before

I replaced the brake cantis with a set of VGC ones but I wasn’t going to get around to restoring the rest of this bike anytime soon. It’s now living in Canberra with Ban, who bought it as a restoration project.


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