1995 Marin Eldridge Grade

September 4th 2015

I was just about to hit the hay one Thursday evening and decided to have a quick mooch online first. Scrolling down the page, I see this photo:


It’s almost midnight when I see the ad. The asking price is ridiculously low … and it’s already been viewed by 18 people. Shit!

At this point I’m assuming the bike has already sold, or at least dibbed. I think for a moment: it’s too late in the evening to call the seller, so I send him an email.

And it worked. The next morning I get a call from the seller – a very nice chap by the name of Martin.

After work I drive to his home and he tells me he’s had the bike from new but hasn’t ridden it since he retired and bought a road bike. I tell Martin his bike will be hanging out with other bikes its age and he’s happy it’s going to a good home.

Saddle and tyres aside the bike is catalogue spec. And it’s in really good condition for its age and still has its gold anodised brakes, bottle cages, handlebar, and bar ends. I have a pair of OE Marin Quake tyres – so the hunt begins for a 1995 Marin Lite saddle with gold rails (which I found shortly after getting it home).

Me ‘appy!


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