1996 Marin Bear Valley SE

September 25th 2015

This Marin appeared for sale one Monday evening (I think). The seller was asking $450. By Wednesday morning it had been relisted at $400 which had dropped to $350 by Wednesday night. When I got home from work on Thursday, it was down again. I sent the seller a text.

photo[1] copy 2

A mate of mine was keen on owning a retro bike and had been admiring one of my part-restored bikes. I said I’d keep an eye open for him and this one was almost identical, if a year younger. And I confess, I was interested in the tyres.

I had the Friday off work so the next morning I drove over to the lower north shore in the rain and collected the bike. The seller was a guy called Chris who told me he’d bought it new but hadn’t ridden it much. And he hadn’t. It’s in really good shape for a 19 year old bike, and completely original, if a little shabby.

I got it home and washed it, stripped it of its computer, umpteen cables, brackets for various accessories, and reflectors. And I put 1.5 inch Maxxis Detonator slicks on it (my mate doesn’t intend to ride it off road).

Unfortunately, my mates circumstances changed just as I finished restoring it so this bike was sold on Ebay. It’s now with its new owner, back on the lower north shore.

Meanwhile … I get the tyres.


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