1991 Diamond Back DB Axis LE

October 26th 2015.

Found this on Gumtree one Sunday lunchtime – a Diamond Back DB Axis LE (I believe LE is Limited Edition and relates to the ovalised top tube). Here’s how I found it.

DB Axis LE before

The guy I bought it off had it handed down from his mum, who bought it new. Nice one mum! Love the squiggly paint job and the neon decals.

DB Axis LE 01

From what I can gather, these frames were built in 1990 (using Tange tubing) but the graphics are from 1991 (DB also switched to True Temper tubing in ’91) – so this is some kind of ’90/91 cross-over.

As expected with a bike of this age there are a few non-standard parts (it was on slicks, and the chainset is recent) but the rest is all there – Deore DX throughout, Araya RM-17 rims, and original DB grips.

DB Axis LE 05

Unfortunately, the saddle is missing its lycra. But it’s dated July 1989 so it might be worth getting it re-covered.

I’ve since cleaned it up and it’s looking good. A pair of Panarcaer Smoke tyres (as it would have worn when new) help enormously.

I’ll get around to a more thorough examination and a good going over with a paint restorer in the coming weekends.



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