1991 Gary Fisher Supercaliber

December 29th 2015

I get a text from a mate one evening. He’s keen to see me go broke and is luring me towards a bike he’s seen for sale.

1991 Gary Fisher Supercaliber 01

It’s an old Gary Fisher Supercaliber. I know I shouldn’t, but the next morning I send the seller a text and the bike is still available.

The seller is a guy called Chris who’s having a clear-out (of a barn I suspect). We talk about cash and he agrees the sale.


Chris lives down past Canberra so I arrange for him to drop the Fisher off at a local bike shop, who are happy to box it up and hand it over to a courier for a few $$$.


The bike needs a bit of work, for sure, but with the exception of the rear mech it has its original SunTour XC Comp group set and Araya RM-20 rims . The components I can polish but I’m undecided as to what to do with the paint – part of me wants to respray it.




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