1992 Trek 9000

January 8th 2016

Browsing the web one evening I see this old Trek 9000 in black and conch paintwork – one of the first mass produced full suspension bikes ever made.


OK, so it wan’t one of the best riding full suspension bikes – the design wasn’t very efficient, or durable, and the pedal bob was terrible. To be honest, in 1992 manufacturers were still experimenting with suspension design and none of them worked particularly well. Not unless you wanted to spend a lot of cash on a boutique brand (which would more than likely be superseded within a year or two).

But who cares? Look at it!!!


I emailed the seller. To be on the safe side, I also sent him a text early the next morning and he replied. The the bike was still available. We agreed the sale and I headed over to his home to collect it that Friday evening.

Andrew was the original owner and had bought the bike while in the USA in 1993 (although it’s a ’92 model) from a dealer in Austin, Texas.

The photos were taken right after I got it home that evening. OK, so the saddle and stem need some adjustment.




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