1991 Cannondale SE2000

February 12th 2016

Check this out – the first full suspension design Cannondale offered. By the way, when Cannondale said ‘suspension’, what they meant was ‘movement’.

1991 Cannondale SE2000

Inches of plush suspension or not – look at it. It’s barking mad! It has fat aluminium tubing and smoooooth welds. It has a ‘Cosmic’ paint job. It has a neon green bum. It has a Shimano XT group set. It has a Ritchey chainset, seat post, headset and levers. And don’t forget the Cannonadale ‘Force40 Braking System’ (ummm … ok, ok, maybe forget that).


Unsure of the size I contact the seller (Matt) who tells me he’s 5′ 10″ and it fits him fine. He also tells me he has a cycle dealership and the bike has been hanging in the shop and has only covered about 500 meters in the last few years.

Matt is open to offers. A couple of days later he accepts one.

I gave the paint a going over with a restoring compound and it’s come up really nicely. The green paint on the swingarm looks a little faded in the photos but it’s actually pretty vivid to the naked eye. As are the pink decals. But the coating on that rear spring is toast.

As with most bikes this age it has a mix of replacement parts (not all good). But it isn’t taking much to return it to catalogue spec. The IRC amberwalls are temporary boots. The Flite saddle will be replaced with a Turbo.

The top photo is how it looks part restored. The photo below is from the For Sale ad.

1991 SE2000 01



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