1990 Specialized StumpJumper Comp

February 17th 2016

I spotted this lovely old Stumpy while looking for a pair of BX23 wheels. It was advertised as ‘Mens bike’.


Bar the pedals and chainset, it looks to be completely original (as luck would have it, I have an XT M730 chainset at home).

Listed as both auction and But It Now, I chose to buy it. It’s too small for me but given its condition and completeness I couldn’t resist.


Also, there were 4 people watching it. I don’t know what they were waiting for – these complete bikes come up so rarely.


It needs plenty of tlc, but that’s to be expected. In fact, I’d be surprised if it didn’t. Upon closer inspection the original shifter levers have been replaced with modern Shimano units, and the original Ground Control Extreme tyres are pretty shagged. As is common, the seat post was also stuck. It’s now unstuck and has been replaced with a new old stock black Deore XT seat post.

Other new old stock components have been found (XT skewers, pedals etc) and I’ll get around to restoring it properly in the months ahead.



6 thoughts on “1990 Specialized StumpJumper Comp

  1. G’day !

    I have the very same one in pristine condition, bought in 1991 from Canberra Cycles in Fischwick, ACT, in 22 inch size.I do not ride anymore since I broke my hip on another bike. Would love to chat and exchange pics. Regards


    • G’day Lamotte!
      Sorry to hear about the hip – sad news. But good to hear about your Stumpy. If you ever need it to go to a good home, I might be able to provide one for it.
      If you have Facebook have a look for the ‘Retro MTB Australia’ group – lots of aussies there talking about old mountain bikes, photos of restorations, parts for sale etc.


      • Hello there !
        would be funny if the old Stump was to go back to Australia where it was originally bought. First Stump ever to complete a world tour.
        Yes, we do have Facebook in old Europe. I will feature my Stumpjumper on my own page “fan de senseo” soon.
        BTW Senseo is a type of coffee machine I am very fond of.


  2. BTW I still have the original owners manual, and two different 1991 catalogs. One in English, A5 size, and another one in german, A3 size, which I paid too much for much later on.


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