1989 Fisher Advance

March 29th 2016

Advertised as ‘Green bike’ I spotted this old Fisher one evening – it was actually the colour (emerald green) that caught my eye.

Advance 01

I emailed the seller (Marine) who replied right back and said I could collect that evening, so I picked it up on the way home.

It’s filthy. It’s been kept outside locked to a railing by a main road. The owner had been riding it without grips – and just 3 working gears. But it’s almost complete. The saddle, Bulge bar, drivetrain etc are all original. I just have the tyres to source.

Advance 02

Even though it was Fishers entry-level bike in 1989 it comes with True Temper frame, full Shimano Mountain LX drivetrain, Araya 7S rims, Fisher Bulge bar and Turbo type saddle.

Advance 03

Advance 04

Here’s the photo from the For Sale ad, which shows the colour in daylight:







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