1993/1994 Orange P7

Aug 12th 2015

I bought an Orange today – a well used magenta P7. Or is it???

This bike gave me a few scratchy chin moments. It doesn’t have the usual Orange wishbone rear seat stays. And there’s no frame number. Yet the fork, colour and decals are spot on. If it’s a fake, someone has gone to a lot of trouble.



The rear mech and cantis are Deore LX, the front mech is Suntour, the lever shifters are Deore DX, the bar is Bontrager and the original wheels have been replaced with late 90s Mavic / LX. But the stem is an Orange SK8. And the less said about the chainset the better. Also, the seat post is stuck.


So what do you think … a genuine P7 or something resembling a P7?

Fortunately, someone knew the answer. I was contacted by Laurie, a lover of Orange bikes, who was interested in restoring this one. He thought it was most likely a pre-production frame, probably built while testing the welding jig for another bike (the titanium and aluminium frames also used the double seat stays). Once built, it would have been put through the paint shop and finished using whatever parts were available. But it wouldn’t have been offered for sale – it was probably taken home by someone from the factory, or given to a sponsored rider / member of the Orange race team.

Anyway, it somehow ended up in Sydney and Laurie seemed pleased to find it (and he managed to get that seat post out).



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