1991 Gary Fisher Advance

April 23rd 2016

This sizzle red Gary Fisher was for sale down in Tasmania. The seller was retiring and moving up to Queensland – and clearing out the garage.

1991 Gary Fisher Advance red sizzle 01

Part of Fisher’s ‘Freemclimbing series’ (there was also the ‘Racing series’), the Advance was the entry-level offering in the 1991 range. It had a 100% chrome-moly frame and fork (this was 1991 remember) and also featured Fisher’s Evolution components (oversized frame tubing, fork, stem, headset, bottom bracket, and seat post).

A member of a forum I hang out on offered to collect it for me (it was 15 mins from his home) and his local bike shop was cool to pack it ready for a courier.

It’s in complete original condition – 400LX drivetrain, Fisher SwitchBax tyres, FisherLite saddle, FisherLite hex grips, the lot. It even came with the original Fisher branded toe clips, reflectors, and owners manual.

So, not much restoring to do here (maybe just a few components). All it really needs is a good clean up.

1991 Gary Fisher Advance red sizzle 02


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