1990 GT Karakoram – finished

August 30th 2016

I bought this purple haze GT Karakoram in July last year, and it’s restoration is now complete. (OK, OK, it was finished ages ago, I’m just a lazy-arse at posting updates.)


It has a few new parts, and some new old stock parts. The unused Ritchey tyres (which would have been fitted as original equipment) were found a year or so ago in a basement while I was collecting another bike.


The GT saddle is from Norway, the GT handlebar and new old stock Tioga Avenger headset are from the UK, and the LX M550 shifter levers came from the U.S. Other items – pedals etc – I already had.


The Deore LX M550 groupset has been tweaked and polished (and polished again), and the rear mech was replaced with one that isn’t quite as scruffy.


The original wheels would have been black Araya CX7 rims on M550 hubs but I had a bronze Ritchey /M550 pair hanging around so decided to use them. I really like the bronze against the purple.


The frame had a few areas touched up with silver paint, which was carefully removed using acetone. The whole frame was then gently rubbed down with super fine steel wool soaked in WD40 (this takes a very fine layer off the clear coat to make it nice and smooth). It was then buffed back to a shine with Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound colour restorer, and finally given a coat of Turtlewax.


Throw on new cables, new chain, and a pair of A’ME waffle grips and TA-DAA!


2 thoughts on “1990 GT Karakoram – finished

  1. Nicely done. I am still riding a 1991 Karakoram Elite that I bought new. Not a lot of original parts left, though: Frame, fork, stem, brakes, seatpost, and right crank arm are all that remain – except I just put the original rear derailleur back on last year!

    Your restoration brings back great memories of parts that broke or were upgraded years ago. Thanks for posting the project. A beautiful bike you’ve resurrected!

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