1991 Gary Fisher Montare – finished

August 30th 2016

This has a taken a while to restore but it was time well spent: my galactic black ’91 Gary Fisher Montare with elevated chainstays.


Way back in January 2014 I found this bike on Gumtree. And it was a mess. Thirty months later, I think it looks pretty good.


I tried to keep as many original parts as possible (Fisher handlebar, brake levers, Araya RM-20 rims, front mech) but other parts were destroyed (hubs, Fisher stem, rear mech) or lost long ago (Fisher grips, Fisher saddle, FatTrax tyres, pedals, right-hand shifter).


The paintwork actually came up really well (it has metallic flecks in the clear coat) and to my surprise, the original bottom bracket was revived with a service. Even the bearings in the copper-coloured 1 1/4 inch headset just needed cleaning and fresh grease.


The new old stock Fisher Leather Trail Tail saddle was found on Ebay, and the new old stock FatTrax tyres took almost a year to find. The rest of the drivetrain is a full Deore DX M650 group, as per original spec.


It’s taken over two years but it now looks pretty much as it did the day someone proudly rode it home from the bike shop for the very first time.


I even managed to find some original Fisher toe clips – check these out.




3 thoughts on “1991 Gary Fisher Montare – finished

  1. Love this Fisher, not my favorite of your collection but its a quintessential example of the process. Headset is ridiculously cool for its orig…seat and tires worth the wait, set it all off perfectly. As with all your projects, nicely done.

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