1990 Fisher Paragon

September 7th 2016

Isn’t this lovely? A 1990 Fisher Paragon (no mention of ‘Gary’ in the name at this time) in Ocean Blue / Green. It was one owner, little use, my size, and collection only from the U.S.

1990 Fisher Paragon 03.jpg

I email the seller and he’s cool to drop it off at his local bike shop. I contact the shop but get no reply, so I contact another bike shop in his area and they’re happy to box it up and hand over to a courier. Yabba!

This bike is currently being shipped and it will be interesting to see it’s true condition when it arrives. I’ll give it a good clean, revive and polish the paint, replace or polish a few components, add new grips etc.

Tyres aside it looks to be in original condition. It won’t take much to restore it to how it was – I recently found a pair of FatTrax tyres (many thanks Matthias!) that were destined for another bike but I think this one takes priority.


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