1992 GT Pantera AL

November 30th 2061

This GT Pantera appeared for sale one Sunday afternoon. A little mooching around the web and I discover it’s a 1992 Pantera AL. Tyres aside it looks original.


I wasn’t actually going to buy this bike. But on it’s third day for sale I found myself calling the seller. To be honest, I was surprised none of the 50-55 other people who had seen the ad had bought it.


Anyway, those people missed out on a full Exage / LX drivetrain (including u-brake), Ritchey Vantage Sport rims, and original GT waffle grips.

After getting it home and giving it a good wash I can see it’s in pretty good shape for it’s age. It has a few scratches, and a few rusty spots on the steel fork, and the handlebar and pedals are corroded under the paint. Also, every bolt has been overtightened (oh joy!).

Size-wise it’s actually quite deceptive – the frame measures 20 inches c-t-c.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet. It wouldn’t take much to restore it to original spec, but I might tweak it slightly with some light blue cables, or a sky blue suede saddle, or maybe some white tyres. Or maybe all of those things. Regardless, with a little love and a few replacement parts it’ll be a cracking bike!

Here it is a few days after getting it home. It’s had a good wash (the wheels in particular were filthy – they were covered in what looked like a layer of Maple syrup) and it’s had a few components replaced. Far from finished – but looking better already, eh?







3 thoughts on “1992 GT Pantera AL

  1. Flat top tube cap a la Zaskar…one of few Panteras made that way if I recall correctly. Might indicate made in USA. Cool find! If you’re feeling flashy you could maybe go Ringle’ with it. I’m pimping out a purple ano ’92 Zaskar and I’ve got a silver ’91 en route from Southern Cali, which should be amongst the first produced. Hate to gush but wanted to tell you I found your site through a search for a particular white, pink, and green Marin Eldridge I had bought (in your size) some time ago and since then (10 or so bikes ago) your impeccable eye for quality, affordable, and artful bikes has informed a lot of the buying decisions I make. So thanks, great job mate and please keep up rescuing these awesome artifacts!

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    • Hey Tom. I won’t be going with anything as fancy as Ringle, but I might look for a few Onza components. I’ve already found and ordered some blue Shimano cables and a well used blue suede saddle. Is your Eldridge a Euro splatter paint colour scheme? And thanks for the encouragement – have you thought of starting your own blog?


      • Excited to see the blue theme on the GT, let me know how you like this triple tri’s performance on the trail. I’m a Stumpjumper guy in my heart of hearts so I didn’t fall in love with the Zakar on the first ride, but it’s pretty. The Eldridge is a near perfect specimen in Euro splat, LX everything (cept peddles?). Matched Wolbers, with some awesome period add ons (Mt Zefel pump and those crazy Scott full bullhorn bar extension, both in neon green) 20.5 CBB to TST. Maybe I’ll post pics in my new blog – Stumpy Meadows – A retirement home for well-aged mountain bikes, a division of the Sydney Mountain Bike Rescue

        Maybe, LOL. Thanks as always for your posts and keep it greasy!


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