1995 Kona AA

December 10th 2016

There are some bikes for sale on Ebay that you just have to take a punt at. This aluminium-framed Kona AA was one of them. I bid what I thought it was worth, and won it. So, let’s welcome Sydney Mountain Bike Rescue’s newest resident …


I was actually surprised I won it, I thought it would go for more. Listed as collection only, I’d emailed the seller beforehand to ask if he was OK to roll it into his local bike shop. From there, I could get it boxed and collected. He was.


Bar the tyres (and those yuge bar ends) it looks original. It has the Ritchey cantis front and rear, original saddle, and a wonderfully spindly Marzocchi XCR fork wearing spongy purple boots.

Not sure if it’s a keeper yet, let’s wait and see the condition when it arrives.


I really like this bike! It arrived a few days before Christmas and after cleaning it up a little I was able to have a proper look at it.

The rear Mavic 237 rim is toast – a handful of spokes are pulling through the eyelets and the top of the rim is even separating from the braking surface in places. But I found a replacement rim (a used Mavic 236) and will rebuild the wheel when it arrives.

The photo below is it just out of the box, washed and given a bit of a tidy-up.


The good news is the front tyre is an original Kona Mr Dirt. So I’m now on the hunt for an original spec rear tyre. In the meantime, it’s rolling on a pair of white Schwalbe Rocket Rons (and reactions are mixed!).

I’ve also replaced the worn grips with a nos pair of Onza Porcipaws, and am trying out these orange bottle cages I had stashed (which pick up the orange in the decals). I’m not sure about these at the moment, I might put dark gold ones on instead to match the stem, fork etc.

Anyway … here’s how it stands now.



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