Cannondale SM700

February 23rd 2017.

It’s almost two and a half months since I’ve bought a bike. Then one evening, I spot this among the Huffys.


I was doing so well – I hadn’t bought a bike since early December last year. But then this 1988 SM700 appeared and … well, you know how it is. It looks to be mostly original and in OK shape so I text the seller.

We arrange for me to collect it the following evening. It transpires the seller is the original owner, and had bought the bike from Cycle Circle in Torrance, California (the shop sticker is still on the frame).


From there he’d taken it to San Fransisco, Hawaii, and New Zealand before returning home to Australia. Ten years ago it went into storage, where it stayed until I collected it.

There’s some bubbling under the paint but otherwise it’s in decent condition for a 29 year old bike. I could do without the corrosion on the Dia-Compe levers and brakes, but the Araya RM20 hard anodised rims, Deore drivetrain, Vetta leather saddle, and Strong seat post are fine. It needs a new chain (as you’d expect) and the headset is knackered, but both are easy to replace. It’s also good to see the original red handlebar is still in place.

In fact, it’s all original bar the slick tyres. Time to get them off and maybe re-fit some OE 26×1.75 amberwalls in time for it’s 30th birthday. I wonder if there will be cake???


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