1997 Pro-Flex 757 Expert

March 7th 2017

Confession time: I’ve never ridden a Pro-Flex. I remember seeing them back in the day, one of the local bikes shops in SW London used to sell them. So when this one came up for sale it caught my attention.


A quick scoot around the web told me it was a 1997 model, and it looked to be pretty much complete – importantly, the original Girvin fork is intact. It has the original Selle San Marco saddle, original seat post and stem, original brakes, original wheels and original Panaracer Duster tyres (although I might put some amberwall Dusters on it).

Sadly, the original LX chainset has been replaced with an earlier LX model, the Shimano pedals aren’t original, and the Titec Enduro handlebar has been replaced with a riser bar, but that’s a very short list considering this bike is 20 years old this year.

The seller – a top bloke called David – was asking the top end of the price range but I thought was a fair given its condition. David had a cycling accident a couple of years earlier and could no longer ride, so was selling his bikes. I assured him it was going to a good home.

Quick Update: There are a few things still to replace (bottom bracket, chain, cables) and the bearings need a service, but here’s how it looks as of end of March. I’ve cleaned up the frame and wheels, added ameberwalls (as expected), and am now looking for a Shimano M569 5-arm chainset to replace the LX fitted.

And look … I found some Girvin bar ends.






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