1994 Orange Clockwork

April 16th 2017

There’s a county in England called Yorkshire. It’s a beautiful, no-nonsense kind of place, and the ancestral home of Orange Mountain Bikes (oh, and myself).


If you’re unfamiliar with Orange, it has a superb reputation earned through years of racing in the UK.

Trawling Ebay one Saturday evening, I see this silver / blue fade Clockwork. Bidding starts at $80, or Buy It Now for $150. I check to see if I’m on Ebay.co.uk. No, I’m on the .com.au site. I check the location of the listing. It’s in Sydney. I buy it.

The following day (Easter Sunday) I’m picking it up. The seller is an English bloke by the name of Iain. He had bought the bike new, and while he can’t recall where from he does remember the price (£573). Anyway, he’s spending his time on road bikes now so the Orange has to go.

It’s mostly original with the usual exception of commuting tyres. The groupset is almost exclusively STX-RC. It has odd wheels, and some well-scratched bar ends.

I got it home, washed it twice, threw on some Panaracers, and took a photo (below). I have a set of STX-RC hubbed Mavic wheels I’ll put on it soon, and some NOS ‘Orange 55’ bar ends are on the way. The black STX cantis were also a bit shabby so I’ve replaced them with a vgc pair of black LX M560 cantis for now.




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