1994 GT RTS-2

August 12th 2017

This GT RTS-2 came up for sale at the weekend. I was sitting in a café when I spotted it. The ad had been posted 3 hours earlier and 53 people had viewed it. I guessed it was already gone but sent the seller a text just in case.


To my susprise it was still available and the seller asked if I could get to his place within the hour to collect. It would be tight, but I could.

It’s a 1994 bike and was bought new in the USA by his brother (and it was for sale because it was cluttering up mum’s house).

This bike has seen very little hard use, and with the exception of the Manitou fork it’s as catalogue – full LX group, Vetta SL saddle, Panaracer Smoke / Dart Hardcore tyres, Onza grips and bar ends, Tioga Surefoot pedals.

It has a rip in the side of the saddle, some of the decals are flaking off and it was covered in dust from years of neglect. I’ll replace a few parts like-for-like (pedals, bar ends) and if I can find a decent RockShox Mag I’ll swap it back.

I took the photos as soon as I got it home.





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