1994 Cannondale Delta V1000

October 7th 2017

Another rescue at the weekend – this rather neglected V1000 was Cannondale’s top hardtail in 1994, yet found itself for sale because the seller’s son wanted a bike he’d seen in K-Mart. True story!


The seller had only ridden it twice in the year he’d owned it, and the guy he’d bought it from had left it untouched in the garage for 10 years.


The sale ad only had the one (bad) photo but I was chuffed to see it’s 100% original – Coda Performance bar, Torpedo grips, and cranks, IRC PiranhaPro tyres, Vetta TT saddle, Ritchey wheels and seat post, funky blue cantis (with original Coda brake blocks) and chainrings, all right where the factory left them. Even the Headshok works (minus the lock out lever, but I never lock suspension so that’s no biggie).


Here it is after a hose down and a wipe with an oily rag. I have some dark blue anodised bar ends on the way, and a new boot for the Headshok.


I’ll get stuck into polishing the frame at a later date. In the meantime … welcome to the family!


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