1987 Marin Bear Valley

September 23rd 2017

This very early ’87 electric blue Bear Valley was offered for sale one afternoon and I couldn’t really turn it down (they’re rarely seen in this condition, and even rarer to come up for sale).

1987 MArin Bear Valley 01

It was missing the original saddle and handlebar but I threw on the Avocet and the bullmoose bar. I also replaced the original (scruffy looking) VP777 pedals with a pair of Sakae Low Fat, and put on a pair of new old stock Marin Pro Combos. I’ll find a low riser bar for it and get it sprayed a matching blue at a later date.


The levers and shifters are showing their age, as is every single spoke, but I might leave them as they suit the bikes 30 years.

Surprisingly, it looks smaller than it is (19inches c-t-c).

Here’s how it looked in the For Sale ad:



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