1992 GT Pantera AL – finished

Well, the 1992 GT Pantera is finally finished … and here it is. (Actually, it was completed a while ago, I’m just slow at updating these things.)

photo copy 2

This one isn’t quite back to catalogue – I went with a bit on an Onza theme with the bar ends and the Honch and Aggro tyres, and added all-new cables with sky blue Shimano housing.


The waffle grips, seat post, handlebar, headset and Ritchey wheels are all original. As are the cantis, U-brake, front and rear mechs, and the chainset.  The saddle came from a member of an online vintage bike I’m a member of, and is dated 1992. I like that!


What else? The bottom bracket was swapped for a sealed Shimano unit (UN-55), the LX hubs were regreased, and the chain and brake blocks were replaced (as you’d expect). The LX M550 pedals were a pair I already had, as were the blue Christophe toe straps, and I even managed to find a pair of GT toe clips.

Oh, and there was quite a bit of polishing involved.


It cleaned up really well. There are scratches but I think of them as wrinkles on it’s face – they show it’s lived.


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