1993/94 Orange Prestige

Purple is not a crime!

93:94 orange prestige 02

This Prestige was on Gumtree for quite a while, the $300 asking price probably putting off most local buyers. Orange isn’t a well-known brand here in Australia, and the English seller was asking UK prices, hence it not selling quickly. Also, it was filthy and looked like shit.


The ad said collection only and he wasn’t kidding – even being too lazy to roll it into his local bike shop so they could box it up. Fortunately, a buddy offered to collect on my behalf (cheers Paul!).

As you can see, it’s resplendent in glorious silver purple fade, with a mix of Shimano XT and LX components (when bought new, Orange dealers would let you buy a complete bike or spec your own, depending on your wants or budget). The fork is unknown but it’s still remarkably plush given it’s age, and the seller tells me it left the shop with it fitted. I’m in two minds about fitting a Pace … but I really like to keep things original if possible.


Anyway, it arrived and was still grubby, even after Paul had hosed it down before packing. I’ve since cleaned it up properly, removed all the crap that was bolted to it, and replaced a few components – handlebar, Smoke and Dart tyres, Orange embroidered saddle, ODI Attack grips, USE seat post.

And me likey!


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