1990 Fisher Paragon

September 7th 2016

Isn’t this lovely? A 1990 Fisher Paragon (no mention of ‘Gary’ in the name at this time) in Ocean Blue / Green. It was one owner, little use, my size, and collection only from the U.S.

1990 Fisher Paragon 03.jpg

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STOLEN – 1992 Kona Cinder Cone

Some puke chunk took my lovely old Cinder Cone at the end of last year. If you see it for sale (or are offered it) in the Sydney / NSW area, please get in touch (it’s pretty distinctive). And you don’t see many Konas around with these larger frames. It was wearing original Kona Joe Murray blackwall tyres (not the ones pictured) and Bontrager BCX1 rims with a Gary Fisher front hub. Keep ’em peeled please folks!

1992 Kona Cinder Cone