Re-homed bikes

Some of the bikes at Sydney Mountain Bike Rescue are too small or too big for me, or they hang around awaiting attention while I’m restoring something else. These bikes are often re-homed by other kind souls who love grazing their knuckles as much as I do.

The bikes below were either restored and re-homed by myself, or were re-homed as project bikes for restoration by their new owners. Hopefully, they’re each enjoying a new lease of life cruising the suburbs, beaches, and National Parks, of Australia, and beyond.

1993 Diamond Back Axis Pro

1993 Diamond Back Axis Pro: re-homed by Mark as a project bike

1996 Marin Bear Valley SE

1996 Marin Bear Valley SE: re-homed by Rob as a project bike


1998 GT Outpost

1998 GT Outpost: re-homed by James

1997 Gary Fisher Marlin 02

1997 Gary Fisher Marlin: re-homed by Stephanie

1997 Marin Muirwoods 03

1997 Marin Muirwoods: re-homed by Nur

1988 Specialized HardRock

1988 Specialized HardRock: re-homed by Philip as a project bike

1995 Gary Fisher Marlin

1995 Gary Fisher Marlin: re-homed by Al as a project bike

Pug 01

1990 Peugeot U.S. Express: re-homed by Al as a project bike


1997 Kona AA: re-homed by Geoff as a project bike

BV 011

1990 Marin Bear Valley (yes, with yellow paint): re-homed by Chris

1991 GT Timberline

1991 GT Timberline: re-homed by Heeyrun


1991 Diamond Back DB Axis: re-homed by Mick

1995 Gary Fisher Paragon 01

1995 Gary Fisher Paragon: re-homed by Roman as a project bike

Trek 870 02

1996 Trek 870: re-homed by Richard

Dale 01

1990 Cannondale SM1000: re-homed by Alex

IMG_4091_2 copy

1992 Saracen Trekker Elite: re-homed by Anthony

Tassajara 01

1995 Gary Fisher Tassajara: re-homed by John as a project bike


1996 Marin Muirwoods: re-homed by Nick

1987 Marin Muirwoods

1987 Marin Muirwoods: re-homed by Sam as a project bike


1990 Muddy Fox Pathfinder: re-homed by James as a project bike


1993/94 Orange P7: re-homed by Laurie as a survivor / project bike


1996 Marin Bear Valley: re-homed by Darryl (I think)


1989 Mongoose IBOC Comp: re-homed by Josh as a survivor / project bike

Montage after

1990 Raleigh Montage: re-homed by Ban as a project bike


1991 Diamond Back DB Axis LE: re-homed by Simon as a project bike

Fisher Advance 01.JPG

1989 Fisher Advance: re-homed by Josh as a project bike


1990 Stumpjumper Comp.jpg

1990 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp: re-homed by Steve as a survivor / project bike


3 thoughts on “Re-homed bikes

  1. I love this! I am totally amazed by what you are doing. I have been searching the internet for a very specific bike and now that i have discovered this my mindset has completely changed. Please contact me.


  2. I love what you’re doing and have always wondered why people don’t care for classic mtn bikes like they do cars. My friends and I still have our old Rockies, Diamondbacks & GTs in nearly flawless orig. condition. I’m always on the lookout for one or two other specific bikes I missed out on back around 93. Perhaps I could even pay you a commission to find one. 😉


    • Cool, happy to hear your older bikes are still being ridden. I reckon you’ll have a wider choice of retro bikes than I do. Decent bikes, such as those you mentioned, are pretty thin on the ground out here.


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