Re-home a bike

Many of the the bikes that pass through Sydney Mountain Bike Rescue have suffered years of abuse or neglect. Others have simply been forgotten about. Our goal is to restore these wonderful machines to how they looked the day they were first proudly ridden home from the bike shop.

Some of these bikes (the ones that are too large or too small for me, or are post-1996) are re-homed with loving owners. Others are re-homed pre-restoration, to other enthusiasts or collectors.

If you’re able to provide a new home for an old bike – and give it the attention and exercise it needs – please contact us about an adoption.



4 thoughts on “Re-home a bike

    • To adopt a bike you have to live in Australia, preferably in Sydney.

      Then you have to keep one eye on Ebay and spot them as they come up for sale.

      Sometimes I sell unrestored bikes to enthusiasts who want to do their own restoration.

      Your local Ebay will be full of really nice old bikes – you just have to spot them under the years of grime and neglect.

      Have fun!


  1. I’m dying to find my first ever marin palisades with manitou comp.shox and grip shift silver and blue please help!!! I thi k it was 1995??


    • Hey Greg, yes the 1995 Palisades was Champagne silver with electric blue bar, cantis etc. The bike (and the fork) come up quite often on eBay, so set up an alert and be patient. 😉


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